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About Us (English)

About Us (English)

About us The Romanian Midwives Association

Founded in1995 in order to rehabilitate midwifery profession in Romania, through educational curricula, legislation and adoption of the "midwife" title. 

Midwives are essential in the care system for mother and newborn in Romania. Every woman should have access to the services of a midwife.

The Romanian Midwives Association (AMsR) is the national organization representing midwives and the profession of midwife in Romania. Its mission is to support the development of the profession of midwifery by promoting the essential role of the midwife in the reproductive health of women, natural birth, newborn health and family.

AMsR supports the importance of empowerment of midwives and women through education and access to obstetric and gynecological health services for any woman, regardless of social status, in order to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Women's health plays a capital role in the economic development of a country and midwives can contribute successfully to it.

Midwives are recognized in Romania through education and law with the entry of Romania into the European Union, the recognition of the midwife being a condition for the admission of Romania to the EU.

Because the law in Romania has no norms, at this moment, The Romanian Midwives Association has proposed to make a partnership with The Order of Nurses Midwives and Medical Assistants in Romania (OAMGMAMR) and the Ministry of Health for the finalization of some practice norms, so that the midwives can really practice.

Along with this activity, we want to increase the know-how of the Romanian midwives.


E-mail us at contact@asociatiamoaselor.org and you will receive information about becoming a member of The Romanian Midwives Association.

The Romanian Midwives Association, Veronica Micle 20, Bl. M6, Sc. B, Ap. 78, Sector 1, Bucharest, Roumania


President: Andreea Dascalu

Phone: +40720206336  

Vice President: Dana Doneanu

Phone: +40723193881  

Spokeswoman: Vania Limban

Phone: +40722288856

E-mail: contact@asociatiamoaselor.org